The Commons

The Commons prayer space is a part of the international, interdenominational organization called 24-7 Prayer, which serves as a catalyst for movements of prayer, mission & justice. Mobilizing Christ-centered prayer is what it's all about.  In early 2018, a church in the heart of downtown Concord dreamed, prayed, committed, & invested in dedicating a large portion of their street-facing multi-use building to a missional vision of providing prayer space for the region's faith communities as well as for those from all walks of life who are spiritually thirsty or just curious about God.  The Commons is the realization of that vision.

The partnership between 24-7 Prayer & First Pres Concord to establish a permanent prayer room in the middle of Concord, has been a journey of prayer, sweat, joy, & friendship. It engages those great at prayer and those who think they're bad at it. 

The Commons is open to the public on Wednesday's and Saturday's and open for groups that want to schedule specific times, other days.

The Commons is here to help people chill, be still, & converse with God. 


Check out the newspaper article about the grand opening here.

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